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  1. 2001 240 Explorer Sport Oak Grove Island, GA "Lagniappe"
  2. Wife is from south Louisiana and she suggested we name our Monterey 240 Explorer "Lagnaippe" because it really is "a little something extra".
  3. I have a 2001 Explorer and need to order some matching gelcoat for some small repairs around the boat. I saw a similar post and wanted to get the info for mine. Here is the Hull ID # RGFK0375A101 Did you also tell the previous where to order the product? I need that too. Thanks Fltcrew21
  4. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently purchased my first Monterey deck boat and I don't know anything about the freshwater system. I downloaded the Deck Boat Manual from this site but that document covered several boats and was way too general and didn't mention this. I've seen the tank and pump starboard of the engine and specifically I want to know where to fill the tank and where is the switch it to turn it on. Do you leave it on? Do you empty of fill it when you are putting the boat away? A document would be nice but any help appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I just bought a 2001 240 Explorer with low hours, freshwater lake used and a great interior. However, the factory decals could use replacing along the water line due to docking bumps and misshaps I'm sure. Can anyone tell me the best way to go about pricing or having them installed? Is time something for the factory or a 3rd party vendor? Located is SE Georgia between JAX and SAV. Thanks for any input.
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