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  1. We took delivery of our new 2008 CR290 last week and have been learning all about it over the past few days. We found an extra cusion in the cabin that I think is an extension for the v berth. There are slots for a bar to support this cushion but I can't find the bar. Would this be a correct scenario? Any idea where we might find the bar hidden or do we need to request one from the Dealer? I can't find the answer to this in any of the truckload of manuals that came with the boat. Thanks in advance!
  2. We bought a new 2008 290CR and are having some options put on it. First question is regarding bottom paint. Is it always black or is black just cheaper? Are fender holders typically mounted vertically or horizontically on the railing? Is the remote spotlight typically mounted on the bow rail or the bow itself? Thanks for the information.
  3. Hello

    I am having trouble getting access to the calendar section or emailing root admin. It tells me I am not authorized - suggestions??

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