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  1. Hello, Maybe MOST can answer this. Where can I buy a cover for my 2003 248LS? An original cover. The one I have is getting worn quite a bit and I was wondering if they were still available to buy? Thanks
  2. I bought a 2003 248LS in the late fall 2010 and have a few questions. What do the 2 accessory switchs control on the helm? The two on the far right of the control panel. I think one is the fresh water pump but not sure because I don't hear anything run when I turn either of them on. How do you turn on the windshield wiper if you need it? How do you turn on the halogen lights at the bow and back to the first one, how do you turn on the fresh water pump. None of this is covered in the "Owners Manual". Maybe I'm not smart enough to own a boat...... I took the halogen lights out and checked them with a battery. Both work but for the life of me I can't them to come on with a switch anywhere. I thought it would be other position on the Nav light switch but that doesn't work. I checked all the fuses and they are OK.
  3. That makes sense. Thank you very much for replying! I'm sure mine is the same as your.
  4. I have a 2003 248LS BR. Where are the circuit breakers and fuses for the Helm controls? The owners manual does not say where they are. I must be over looking them. Thank you.
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