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  1. That's right! I have a 14.5 x 19 RH Aluminum prop .... (with added curled blades!) I'm also looking at something called the "River Runner" that is a skeg & prop protector?
  2. Jody

    Boat Names

    Being the "dingy" for my larger boat Interlude, I thought something musical should be in order. So I named my 180 Edge - Grace Note (a small note only used when it's needed) thus my dingy is a small boat only used when it's needed.
  3. - I Love being on the water!

  4. Hi all, Well, it's time to buy a new prop for my 2003 180 Edge (why do you ask? .... Well it seemed that the launch ramp is made of concrete and .... well you know why!! ... don't ask!) Anyway, I was just about to go out and buy the exact replacement but I started to think. If 3 blades are good, why not get 4! Is this going to screw with my engine (4.3 GL Volvo SX V6 190 HP) or my outdrive (Mercruiser Alpha 1)? And, most importantly, any suggestions for a great prop?
  5. I have had FANTASTIC luck just adding a Stingray "hydrofoil" to the outdrive .... It gives me great control!
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