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    do you mean higher altitude add pitch lower altitude subtract pitch? thanks for help.
  2. apadilla


    what is considered high altitude when boating. and what has to be changed on a boat from high to low altitude or vise versa. thanks for help.
  3. i have a 180 edge with a160 degree thermastat. what is the hottest temp the engine should run. thanks for your help.
  4. what is fuel capacity of a 2003 180 edge. thanks for the info.
  5. Witch prop will get better gas mileage a 3blade 14.5x19 or a 4 blade 14x20.Thanks for any words of wisdom.
  6. I have a 2003 edge 180 with a volvo carberated 4.3 gl with a sx 1.79 ratio. If a 3 blade 14.5 x 21 prop is good for speed and a 3 blade 14.5 x19 prop is good for towing. Would a 14 x 20 4 blade prop be the best of both props.Thanks for any help.
  7. What prop do you have now. 14.5 x19 .
  8. most thanks for your help.
  9. what is stock prop for 180 edge 4.3 carb sx outdrive. thanks for your help.
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