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  1. I realize that this has already been answered but I cannot locate in the archives. Can anyone advise me of where I can purchase the push button cabinet latches for a 2001 322CR. Thanks! Chris
  2. The circuit breaker for the Vacuflush head recently started popping on my 322. Once reset, the vacuum pump will run as normal for a minute or so and then pop the breaker again. I don't believe there is any blockage because it will flush as normal until the breaker pops so I figured it must be something with the motor/pump assembly. After about an hour or so, I finally located the vacuum generator in an a very inaccessable area, on top of the Starboard fuel tank. My question is how do I access to this unit. I first tried the engine compartment, then looked everwhere for an access cover but could not locate. I then began removing the panel in the bed area. I then found that I needed to remove the window shade...then the light assembly...then the carpet...and I still can't get at the system. I must be missing something here because I cannot believe any boat manufacture would intentionally install a system that may need  occaisional servicing into such an innaccessably area.  HELP!!!!!!! Chris
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