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  1. I found a 2005 322, Volvo engines 5.7 OSi with Ocean X DP drives. I have seen info that these drives had many problems and some were replaced. what is the experience of Monterey with this engine.drive combo on the 322. any info on cruise, top end and fuel usage with this motor/drive?
  2. Thanks, this list the LOA with swim platform as 34 - 2, LOA not including swim platform is left blank. This boat has a bolt on swim platform, which would not be included in the LOA on the official registration. in order the keep my current slip, the registration length has too be 33 feet or less. my swim platform is 2 feet, all the cruisers, have a similar swim platform, so I would think the real length is around 32 feet.
  3. I currently have a 2002 282CR, we are interested to upgrade to a 322CR, hopefully a 2004,2005 or 2006. I an looking to get exact information on the overall length. 1. what the registration length is, ( need this to insure I can be under our Dock length requirement. 3. what is the true length swim platform to the tip of the bow included. how can I get a product brochure from these years to review. also what is the recommended engine combo's Merc, Volvo what is the recommended HP required for a Duo Prop / Bravo 3. will a Merc 5.00 MPI be enough HP's, or do I look for a Boat with bigger engine like Mag 350's
  4. Revenge how do you like the 302? looking to move up to a 2005 302 from a 2002 282.
  5. I am looking at buying a 2005 Monterey 302CR with Volvo 5.7 GI/DP engines. i have a 2003 282 CR with 4.3 MPI and Bravo 3 drives. is there a 2005 catalog i couldget or a list of the standard equipment and options for the 2005 302? also any advice on the 302 as an upgrade to the 282? the boats are very similar in Helm, Head, cockpit layout. the engines on the 302 will be much faster i assume.
  6. Thank you for your advice, we likley will not ski on it, but still pull the tubes. We are looking to move up to a cruiser from our sport boat. Cockpit layout is important to us since we can easily have 10 people on our current boat without a problem. Thanks for your help.
  7. I am looking at a used 282CR 2002, Boat looks in good shape. We are on Lake Erie, so it is a fresh water boat with only 260 hours. Looking for advice on speed of this Boat. it has @ Merc 4.3 MPI with Bravo III drives. ( 440 HP) i see most other boats for sale have Merc 5.0 engines. Lake Erie can get big water most of the time, we are in the Buffalo Area on the down wind side of the lake, 2-3 footers with and 8-10 MPH wind. How does this boat handle in rough water? I currently have a 24 foot Maxum Bowrider which we use 80 hours per year, so we are out all the time on the boat. Any advice is appreciated before I buy it. I want to make sure it is not underpowered, we still ski and tube with the Kids. thanks. Picture of boat from former owner.
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