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  1. I am also new to the small bowrider world and could have the same concern as other Small Bowrider newbie. I'm interested in buying a 2001 180 Edge and will be driving it tomorrow. It was re powered in 2006 with the Volvo 4.3 due to not being winterized over at least 1 New Jersey season and currently has only 20 fresh hrs on it. I'm told by the dealer that he drove it and HE felt a lot of vibration, but thinks that the motor just wasn't aligned properly during installation and can be adjusted. Hmmmmm??? Wouldn't something have to give, even after running ONLY 20 hrs ? Had he not said that, I would have probably thought it could have been a prop, but wonder if a prop would be strictly a vibration issue, or could it make it feel like it was just running rough. I'll certainly pay more attention, but CAN this be just adjusted? Can anyone give me ANY other information concerning this model? I can tell the boat has been somewhat neglected, but it's never been painted and only run in fresh water, when it was run. I've been told by others that the Volvo runs smoother than the Mercruiser?
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