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  1. I found it....there is an access panel in the bottom of the ski locker.
  2. I have a 2005 268SS that has a seacock closed or a fresh water pipe clogged that is used to provide lake water to my Jabsco manual pump type toilet. I can not find easy access to the holding tank and plumbing area behind and under the head. The only thing I can see to gain access is saw a hole in the plywood/fiberglass panel dividing the lower back part of the head with the backside of the underseat front storage on the port side. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.....
  3. Thanks for that information....I am sure it will take me in the right direction
  4. I appreciate your response.....
  5. I recently purchased a 2005 268SS and the fresh water pump is switched by one of the 2 switches to the right of the switch cluster ....don't remember which switch nor the position of the switch to turn the pump on.
  6. I have a 2005 268SS with a broken seat latch. It is the type that will latch when the seat is lifted and retract when slight upward pressure is pulled up on the seat. Does anyone know where I can purchase this latch?
  7. Just bought a 2005 268SS that has a missing latch that holds up the rear seat. Looked around online and can't find a match. This is a latch that remains extened after the seat is lifted then is released after you pull up slightly on the seat......Does anyone know where I can find one? .....Thanks
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