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  1. I have a 2005 268SS that has a seacock closed or a fresh water pipe clogged that is used to provide lake water to my Jabsco manual pump type toilet. I can not find easy access to the holding tank and plumbing area behind and under the head. The only thing I can see to gain access is saw a hole in the plywood/fiberglass panel dividing the lower back part of the head with the backside of the underseat front storage on the port side. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.....


  2. Hi Lesuk3,

    The "brace cooler lid support" (as it si called in our system) is Monterey part #85602000-00-BRCE and it is distributed by SPD Div of Barnes Group and their part # is STL-270. Contact info for them is 215-785-4466 (in Pennsylvania).


    I hope this helps!





    Thanks for that information....I am sure it will take me in the right direction

  3. Just bought a 2005 268SS that has a missing latch that holds up the rear seat. Looked around online and can't find a match. This is a latch that remains extened after the seat is lifted then is released after you pull up slightly on the seat......Does anyone know where I can find one? .....Thanks



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