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  1. learning on the fly in my boat

  2. Hey Everyone, I just got my engine ready for the summer and my father-in-law made a suggestion of using seafoam in the gasoline. I want to know from everyone in the forum their answer Thanks Koolkevin39
  3. Rip5: thanks for replying I called a local monterey dealer and she told me the same thing. So I will check out the upholstery shop. I have merquire vinyl cleaner do you use the same type for your vinyl on your boat? Thanks Koolkevin39
  4. I dont know if the MOST can help but i would like to know if i can get my vinyal seat redone and if so what are the expenses for doing it? thanks
  5. Hey Everyone, I have a 1994 190 SCR bowrider and i was cleaning it this past weekend and I went to the local auto parts store and asked about cleaning my dash glass since it was so faded. The clerk pointed me to the car headlamp cleaners that should work. I looked at all of the headlamp cleaners and went with Turtle Wax headlight lens restorer. My dash was very bad to the point that you could not see any of the instruments. I worked for at least 20 minutes on all of it and everyone of the instrument glass came very clean. I put on the lens sealing wipe and now i dont have to worry about the glass going bad again. SO if you are looking for a good dash instrument cleaner then try the turtle wax you wont be sorry!!! thanks Kool Kevin
  6. We bought a used 1994 Monterey 190scr and the steering wheel is been really used. Was wondering if the new steering wheels manufactured will work on a 94 boat?? If not where is a good place to get a Steering Wheel. Thanks KoolKevin39
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