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  1. Does anyone know if the Camper Canvas is the same for the '94 and '95 Model 246 ? I have a '94 and there's a canvas place with the template for the '95. I've had canvas (sombrella) made up before, and never satisfied. Thanks, Joe '94 Model 246
  2. End result.....Exhaust manifolds and risers have been replaced and it now runs at approx. 150 degrees.... Block and oil cooler were also flushed. Thanks to everyone who replied. Happy Boating ! Joe
  3. Well, took it out for a good two hour run Sat.....probable is still there. Run it steady at 2600 - 3000 rpm and I'm at 180 degrees. back off and the temp comes down. Late last season I had the lower outdrive rebuilt. Maybe the pickup hose is not connected or broken. That's my latest theory.....
  4. I recently removed the thermostat, ripped the guts out of it and reinstalled it, effectively making it wide open all the time. The engine runs as cool as a cucumber. Is there any issue running the engine too cool ? Someone told me running cooler than the 160 degrees, salt in salt water could calcify in the engine. I'm currently running the boat on the Hudson River, which is brackish where we are and turns fresh North of us. Any thoughts ? Thanks, Joe
  5. Timing is another factor which can affect engine temp. I have to see if the distributor has vacuum advance or just mechanical and go from there. I don't want to simply be a "parts changer", I'd like to diagnose the problem. Thanks, Joe
  6. Thanks, no broken pieces and the last impeller (changed last season) looked fine. Before launching this season, I poured dishsoap down the hose. Saw the soap in the water when i launched. I'm just not familiar with what the norm is. This is a '94 that has had little use. The exhaust manifolds and risers are original. in 2001 I changed the engine water pump and it's not leaking and there's no wobble to the pully. Can the blades on that pump have a buildup of something imparing the proper flow of water ? I never heard of such a thing.... I'm more an auto mechanic and not sure what the norm is as these boats age. At the dock, this weekend, I ran it at 1500 rpm and it stayed below 160 degrees. Does that mean I can rule out the manifolds ? Thanks, Joe
  7. I changed the impeller before the end of last season. Would be out of shape sitting in same position over the winter ? Do you guys change the impeller every season ? Thanks again, Joe
  8. What's the normal engine cruising temperature, depending on RPM ? I have a '94 model 246 with a 5.7 Volvo Penta (350 Chevy engine). At idle, engine temp is 160....at 2200 RPM around 180/190.....at 3000 RPM, 200 degress. Is this normal or am I experiencing a restricted water flow (manifol/riser issue) ? Thanks, Joe Culhane
  9. I'm looking to replace the vent caps for fuel tank, water tank, and waste tank on my '94 246. This is an Attwood part. Is the threaded part behind the hull affixed to the hull, or do i stand the change of it falling once I remove the original part ? Thanks, Joe Culhane
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