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  1. Thanks for the help MOST the info was good for the Taylor Made OEM with one exception they have changed their part number system. They were very helpful in providing the correct ones for this boat model. I first tried great lakes but they do not list this specific model. I do have a question though. They quoted me prices for the camper canvas sides and back and the connector which attaches to the windshield and the front of the bimini. I'm not sure if there are side peices that would go from the bimini down to the port and starboard sides to make a complete enclosure.
  2. Hi folks Well the purchase went through for the 2003 245 CR. The boat will be stored until spring. I want to get an average trailer weight for this boat. I know that it is listed at either 5800 or 6100lbs dry weight depending on who you talk to. I want to talk with someone else that owns this or a comparable model to find what their actual weight is on the trailer. I can do the figures for the fuel and water but the other things I might not anticipate for. I'm figuring about 7200lbs including the trailer and about 7800 with a full load. Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  3. We are looking at trading up to a 245 but the 2003 that we are looking at does not come with the camper canvas just the bimini top. I need a source for the camper canvas to factor that into the cost before we sign on the dotted line.
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