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  1. Same here in Quebec... last year I saw a person who made a ''flexible'' screen door and fixed it with velcro in the opening... It's easy on and easy off... J-Phil
  2. Hi, I have a 2004 265 and I want to know the ''official'' length. Maybe the question is strange but people who try to sell their 265 on the internet use 4 or 5 different length to describe the boat. Before the Monterey I had a Sea Ray 220 DA and it was 23'8''. In 1992, it was called the 240 DA and it was the exact same boat. So is my boat a 26' or a 29' because the swimplate is part of the boat??? Thanks and have a very nice day!!
  3. J-Phil


    Hi Alan, That's a very good idea, i found one already!!! J-Phil
  4. Hi everybody! Does anyone knows where I can buy Monterey stickers that I can put on my car. I'm a new proud Monterey owner and I would like to show it to everybody!!! P.S. sorry if my english is not perfect
  5. Thanks for the answer!! I looked on my pictures and cannot see a panel similar to yours.... to bad..... but I like the boat anyway!!!
  6. Hi, I just bought a 2004 265 and on the 120V electric pannel, there is a switch for air conditioning.... and it is not suppose to have AC and I can not see any air vent on any picture... I saw the switch when I looked at pictures of the boat. The boat is winterized and I do not have acces until next spring. My question is, do you think it has AC?? If not, why is there a switch?? Thanks and have a very nice day!!! J-phil
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