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  1. I have a 2005 250CR and I am looking for a way to install a screen door of some type in the cabin door opening. We boat in Eastern Ontario Canada and the inscets in the summer like to keep you up at night when the cabin door is open to allow for air to circulate.Has anyone put in a screen door in the cabin door opening and if so I would like hear about how it was done.


    Thanks Peter



    Same here in Quebec... last year I saw a person who made a ''flexible'' screen door and fixed it with velcro in the opening... It's easy on and easy off...




  2. Hi, I have a 2004 265 and I want to know the ''official'' length. Maybe the question is strange but people who try to sell their 265 on the internet use 4 or 5 different length to describe the boat. Before the Monterey I had a Sea Ray 220 DA and it was 23'8''. In 1992, it was called the 240 DA and it was the exact same boat. So is my boat a 26' or a 29' because the swimplate is part of the boat???




    Thanks and have a very nice day!!

  3. I highly suspect the panel is a standard panel. If you have AC, the unit would be located under one of the seats in the V berth. Seeing as you can't get into it until spring, do you remember a panel similar to the one circled in my picture? If so, then you have AC. If you can't remember, take a look outside on the starboard side. If you see an drain outlet just above the waterline under the forward port window, you probably have AC. That drain is the outlet for the AC....conversly you'll have an inlet on the bottom of the boat near the stern.


    Thanks for the answer!!


    I looked on my pictures and cannot see a panel similar to yours.... to bad..... but I like the boat anyway!!!

  4. Hi, I just bought a 2004 265 and on the 120V electric pannel, there is a switch for air conditioning.... and it is not suppose to have AC and I can not see any air vent on any picture... I saw the switch when I looked at pictures of the boat. The boat is winterized and I do not have acces until next spring. My question is, do you think it has AC?? If not, why is there a switch??




    Thanks and have a very nice day!!!





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