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  1. Well I managed to get to the boat and review the bulb types. Here they are in case someone else needs the info; Bow Docking lights - 12V 35W, MR16 type Halogen bulb with reflector, 1 3/4" length, 2" dia. Bow Red/Green Nav light - 12V 8W, 71 type Festoon bulb, 1 3/16" length, 7/16" dia. Stern White/Mooring light - 12V 9W, 906 type, Wedge bulb, 1 3/8" length, 9/16" dia. Hope this helps, CrazyCanuk.
  2. Need to replace several lights on my 2011 Monterey 204FS and since I am not at the boat I was wondering if anyone knows what types they are; Bow Docking light Bow Red/Green Nav light Stern White/Mooring light Did not see any of these listed in the Owner’s Manual. Thanks in advance, CrazyCanuk
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