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  1. The prop that came with it is - 14.25 x 21 3 blade alum. We can get up to 5400 rpm & 41 mph then it over rev's at WOT and the alarm goes off! We tried a 14 x 23 3 blade alum - dropped to 4000 rpm & 36 mph @ WOT. No over-revving. Hubby thinks rpm should be around 4600-5000 @ WOT and we should be able to get up to about 50 mph. We do more crusing than anything - occassional skiing & tubing - so I would say better slow speed planing would be #1.
  2. I have a 2006 214FS - 5.0L Mercruiser 260 ho - 1.62 Alpha One sterndrive. Any idea what prop is best for this boat? Would like opinions on both a 3 blade & 4 blade. Please help!
  3. On the info above = what is the diameter for the 19 pitch alum prop? What diameter and pitch would you recommend for the above listed boat - 2006 214FS 5.0L MPI aplha one 1.62 gear ration - in an aluminum 4 blade prop?
  4. I have a 2006 214FS - what type and size anchor came with this boat? I am having trouble finding one that fits in the storage locker on the bow. ANy help??
  5. Interesting my bimini says Taylor Made but also says Sunbrela - I was told today that Taylor Mde does not use Sunbrella but Westland does. I am so confused!! Do I get a storage boot from Taylor Made or Westland? ALso what size? 79-84 or 85-90?
  6. Thanks I will give them a call. Any idea what size it is? I have seen some 79-84" or 85-90".......... Would LOVE an OEM with the embrodiary but not for $235.00
  7. Just bought a 2006 Monterey 214FS and the storage boot is missing. Any idea how much it is to replace? I have seen some online made out of Sunbrella but I need to know the manufacturer?? Will the online ones work? Open for ideas & suggestions. Thanks
  8. Thanks - is it one size fits both? There is no dealer nearby me (49615). Do you happen to know if it can be ordered through a dealer and sent directly to me rather than pay shipping twice? Any idea on cost?
  9. I am wondering if it is possible to add snap in carpet to a 2005 214FS? Any idea what the cost or where I should look? Also the color is Blue so any idea what color the original color would have been (I don't know if there were choices or just one standard color carpet) Thanks!!
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