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  1. Hi guys, We are located in Miami and own a 1999 242CR since 2001. Our family cruises the keys on a regular basis, and the experiences are priceless. Although a 242CR can be a small cruiser for a family of four, we have managed to live aboard the vessel for weeks at a time going from marina to marina. Granted we are not big in stature. Our most unforgettable experience was the trip from Miami to Key West via the inter-coastal waterway which consists of 150 miles in length split into two legs. From there we motored to the Marquesas Islands located 30 miles off Key West to do some snorkeling and fishing, and of course, the best part was staying at A & B Marina for a week in the heart of downtown Key West and world famous Duval Street. The Hernandez's
  2. Hi deere444081, I am not familiar with your model boat and the equipment installed during manufacturing. However, I recently experience what you are trying to accomplish by upgrading all of my 1999 242 CR with pull up cleats. After many hours of decision making agony, I settled for Attwood neat cleat. I believe they are by far the best cleat in the market (expensive though). Something to consider is where the cleats are located. They need room below the deck so they can be fastened and drain. If placed in the cabin area, they will protrude below decks and you may not like it. In fact, I did not like how the nut and studs looked on my project, so I worked around the issue by covering them with an idea. In regards to the holes from the old cleat set up goes, I mixed resin with coloring agent to match the color as close as possible, filled the holes, waited to harden, sanded, wet sanded, buffed, and done. Once that process was done, I installed the new cleats in the same location as the old ones so it would cover most of the repair section where the old holes were. The end product looks good and I am happy with the looks. I will try to load pics to show the work. Good luck with your project and happy boating.
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