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  1. The shock cords on our 224 FS are longer than 3". Make sure you get the correct size. If you use the shorter models, they may be very difficult to stretch the cords over the buttons.
  2. Thanks, Rip5. I decided to get some covered plastic tubs that just fit between the side of the boat and a 4" high x 1/2" plastic panel that I am currently installing. The plastic panel will keep the tubs from sliding into the engine. Like the idea of the netting, too, but am using material I had laying around he garage.
  3. Not sure if it is standard practice, but I found the ignition and glove box keys on my 2012 224 FS are compatible. The ski locker lock is another story. Haven't found a locksmith that stocks even the blanks for them. Locksmiths will grind one out, but it is unbelievaby expensive because of the time it takes.
  4. We are new to Monterey and there is a large space to the starboard side of the engine that would be a blessing for storage. But, there is no cavity or even a divider between the transom and the front of the engine compartment to keep stuff from falling into the engine or the deep bilge. Has anybody done anything to use this space? Would like to see photos if you have any. Thanks.
  5. JHT

    monterey font

    Hi. New owner here. I, too, wanted to find out the font to use for the vessel numbers. Called Monterey and found out that the font used to spell out "MONTEREY" in the logo is Eurostile. I believe the detailed description is Eurostile, Bold, Oblique. After checking the internet, this is a commercial font (costs money), but Microsoft's website gives the names of their applications that included the font. Other commercial font sets also include it. There are free fonts available on the market that are close, but not exactly the same. I would think that most sign makers have the font in their libraries. Good luck.
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