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  1. My 2006 270 Cruiser has the 6.2L MPI and a 21P Bravo III. I just had a GFS 10 installed and connected to my 740s. With four people on board and at a cruise speed of about 30 MPH the GFS 10 is inidicating a fuel burn around 14-15 GPH. I can get it down to 12-13 by reducing the speed to around 26 to 27 MPH. Anyone else with a similar boat? Does the fuel burn rate seem about right?
  2. My wife and I purchased a 2006 270 this summer from the second owner of the boat. We are considering subscribing to a Sirius XM account. However, I am a little puzzled. When I first saw the boat I noticed there was a Sirius XM antenna on the radar arch. So I thought "great all we need to do is get the ID number off the unit, call Sirius and get the service started". Based on what I have read I expected to be able to get the ESN / ID number off the head unit's display But when I change the head unit from Tuner mode to Satellite mode all I see is the Sirius phone number scrolling across the screen. I called the number at Sirius and the lady there told me to change to channel "0" to get the ID. Of course I could not find any way to get it do display channel "0" no matter what button on the head unit I pushed. So I called a local stereo shop and the guy there told me that a "Sirius Ready" stereo needs a tuner for it to display channel "0". So I assumed I needed to buy a tuner even though there is a pre-installed antenna. Typically the tuners come with antennas. But I do not see any tuner anywhere, granted I have not done a real thorough search for it. Now the kicker to all of this is that there is some Sirius paper work that I got from the previous owner that has a letter that came with the boat when the boat was delivered to the first owner in 2006. The letter states that the boat manufacturer is providing 6 months free Sirius service. If Monterey was providing this offer to the first boat buyer, then it stands to reason that there must be a tuner somewhere or the first owner would not been able to take advantage of the 6 month offer without having to purchase a tuner. The guy I bought it from never even looked into the Sirius since he only had the boat for 8 months so has no idea about the possibility of a tuner. The letter made no mention of the new owner needing to purchase anything additional to take advantage of the offer. Because there is an antenna, I am naturally assuming there may be a tuner. But since I cannot get the head unit to display channel "0" or display the ID number maybe there isn't a tuner. So would anyone know if Monterey would have included the tuner and where it could possibly be located? If the tuner is there what would I be doing wrong in trying to get the ID? Or did Monterey install an antenna but not a tuner? What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a new to me 2006 270 cruiser. I have to replace both batteries. Right now they are both cranking batteries. I'd like to make sure I have enough power for my stereo and gps as well as for my bilge pump if needed. Does anyone know if the alternator / electrical system is designed to have the first battery as a starting battery and the second battery as a deep cycle house battery? Or do both of them need to be cranking batts?
  4. I just purchased a 2006 270 cruiser with a 6.2 MPI engine. I now want to add a GPS/fishfinder combo. The Lowrance HDS 7 Gen2 unit is what I am leaning towards. I think the GPS unit is capable of displaying the fuel flow rate with some kind of integration with the Smartcraft system, but the whole Smartcraft / NMEA stuff is still unclear to me. Are there any good resources that can explain these systems and how they integrate? I've been doing quite a lot of internet research and though that's filled in some of the blanks, it's raised as many questions as it's answered. Kirk
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