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  1. Revitalizing this. I'm hoping one of the owners on this forum would either have, (and looking to sell), the fill cushions to create the Vberth or would know where I could but these. I can probably make them if necessary, but would rather get the real thing.
  2. It appears as if the compass on my 1998 Monterey 276 has drained almost completely out of fluid. Not sure how - I do not see any cracks or leaks. Can it be repaired or refilled? Not sure what to do with it or how to approach fixing it.
  3. Wanted to know if anyone at MOST could help me with the V Berth cushions. (1998 Monterey 276) FYI: Boat just splashed - 1st time for me. Loving the boat and having a lot of fun
  4. Congratulations - I've seen it at boat shows - but not in the water. Great boat - good luck.
  5. Could you answer for my boat - 1998 Monterey 276 - definitely not at the helm. Could it be in the engine bay?
  6. Kinda funny, (maybe not), but in my post I am asking the same thing. I still have not found the meter and I was kind of hoping a Monterey monitor/admin might be able to help.
  7. Thanks - I'll have to look into this. The engine is a 7.4l and it is not EFI - does this change any part of your answer?
  8. Thanks for responding. Where specifically under the engine bay doors?
  9. Just bought - new to me. Had it about an hour when it had to go into winter storage. 2 questions. (1) Must have over looked, but I do not see the cusions that convert the V - Berth from a table. Where can I buy these? Can I order replacements. Also, I had the boat checked out by a surveyor. He told me that boat had 250 hours on it, confirmed by the meter. Unfortunately, I never checked this, and now I can not find an hour meter. It is definitely no at the helm. Could it be anywhere else? Thanks for your help
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