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  1. marfi, the only major damage I can see and still working on is the transom plate assembly as you can see in the pic. it got a hole on top, rusted all the way trough and damaged the seals or something else and is getting water inside to the bilge.
  2. Good morning everyone, I need some assistance (Pictures) I had one of those very irresponsible mechanics remove the engine from my 262 (2001) to fix a problem with the starter, the engine block had cracked were it bolts and kept getting loose. well got all back together still with some hiccups but they left the house current disconnected, I have no current at all in the cabin, I know where the cables are not sure where to connect them, they go as far as the Trim pump motor. Can anyone post a pict of the green and black cables to connection? Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you Marfi, have not tried yet, had to remove the engine since the starter keeps gettin loose thread was damaged.
  4. No, just replaced the lower casing and the carrier, everything else was fine. What it now has is only cosmetic.
  5. Upper was fine, and all the inners were fine, just the lower unit case and carrier had to be scrapped.
  6. Hi everyone, wanted to share some pics of my Bravo 3 from my 262. This is from my own negligence, this boat has been kept in the water (salt water) for years and I had to replace a leaking seal as you can see lower unit was pitted and badly corroded had to destroy to take out the inside workings.
  7. Hello, I was changing my Mercruiser 5.7 and broke the plastic sleve, the new one wont fit entirely in, can anyone tell me if its ok as it is or should I file it down all the way? Thanks in advance
  8. wnewman, Ive found most online boat part seller have gauges sets. For example: http://www.boatersland.com/farktf001.html?gclid=CM6vz8mIz8oCFQuLaQodmUECvQ
  9. Thanks for the reply, we did the removal one by one, just wanted to confirm if there was an easier way to put back in
  10. Afternoon everyone, quick question, does the wire harness from the dash panel (gauges) does it have one master plug, or is it multiple connections at the source? My question come from the removal of the dash panel, in order to make the installation way easier than the removal was better to install everything outside and just plug back in, but I have not seen a master plug. Thanks in advance
  11. Good morning boaters, quick question before I mess this one up. Im replacing my old original Mercury Control/Trim from my Monterey 262 (2001) with a new Mercury 4000 Gen II Throttle/shift Control In regards to the cables, I know I should use 14' cables but can the knowledgeable guide me if the Teleflex CC17914 would fit my application for both throttle and shift? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  12. Morning everyone, I have a question for you since I did something 200% moronic yesterday, my Mercruiser 5.7 (2001) has been sitting for about year and a half, decided is time to start her up again and get her ready and put in new batt, check my oil, poor some oil from the top, since my outdrive was removed I hooked a water hose with light pressure to the intake. I did not start the engine, but used the starter to rotate it a little at a time to lube everything up ( I know it should have been done by hand) well after a while, I decided to start the engine, it cranked and sounded fine, did not start but my guess is the fuel. Anyhow, after a few attempts a load clank noise came from the engine bay, did not start, tried once more and it sounds weird now. I left it alone to avoid further damage from an idiotic over exited owner (ME). Well my question is: where should I start looking, for damage, I will get a marine mechanic ASAP, since I dont want to damage anything else, but if I wanted to get an idea, what would you recommend me to do for damage assesment? Thanks in advance and let the flaming begin I know I messed up, I would kick my self if I could. Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or flaming.
  13. getaway great explanation thank you for the write up. I think I will look into your way.
  14. Hello, I need to replace the side windows (hatches) rubber gasket for my 2001 Monterey 262, I bought some D-sponge gasket but it is not thick enough, has anyone done this? Where could I get replacements ?? Thank you
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