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  1. There are 2 tubes side by side under the shelf that the shower sump sets on. I've snaked both sides and have only been able to get through twice. One of the times the snake came out of the other tube, as mentioned, they are side by side. This leads me to believe there's a cavity somewhere. I can shoot water into the 2 tubes draining into the engine bilge but nothing drains back out, inter in fill up the cabin bilge. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Can't get water to drain from the shower sump area in the cabin sole to the bilge. Got snake to run through one of the (2) drain tubes, but can't get through the other. Should both drains be continuous from front to back. Can't figure out why water is not draining through at least the seemingly clear tube. Water only seems to collect in this area after exterior wash.
  3. Hello. How do I post a new topic?

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