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  1. We own a 1998 322. We love it. With the change to digital television signals, the originally supplied tv is no longer functional. We've looked all over and cannot find a 13-inch digital tv anywhere...they start at about 19-inches. Does anyone know where I can get a 13-incher (or is there any such animal in existence)? Thanks.
  2. We purchased a 1998 Monterey 322 several years ago. It's our dream boat. The manual says the fresh water capacity is 40 gallons. I recently drained the freshwater using the faucet in the galley, measured it, and only got 15 gallons. I noticed that the smaller boats that year had 15-gallon freshwater tanks. Is it possible that 15-gallon tanks were installed in the 322 in 1998 or do I need to check for a leak? Loup
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. I own a 1998 Monterey 322. Greatest boat I ever owned. Here's the problem. I need to replace a gasket on the electric toilet. It appears to be a Jabsco, but I can't find any info re: model, etc. Does anyone know what model toilet was installed as original equipment?
  5. Whatever happened to the 322? When/why was it discontinued? I own a 1988 322. I think it's one of the best pleasure boats ever manufactured. Sorry to see it go. Also...in what publications does Monterey advertise? I never seem to see them in the boating mags.
  6. Happy Birthday. I had one last month...62. I retired five years ago, but flunked out and went back to work.

  7. Lou

    Boat Names

    Nine years ago we saw a Monterey 322 at the Washington Boat Show and fell in love with it. We also realized that we'd never have the $$ to buy one, so we were content with our '86 Bayliner 265. Last year ('07), we sold the Bayliner and purchased a '98 Monterey 322. It's all that we ever wanted in a boat. Like many other posts...ours is the only Monterey in our area. "Old School" is located on the Tennessee River at the intersection of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.
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