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  1. Hi JD, I've been contemplating a 268SC with a Merc 350MAG BIII (300HP). I'm worried that this configuration might be slithly underpowered? My perception is that if motor is underpowered .... its always working hard and thus consumes much more gas. Any thoughts? Have you driven the 268SC with a 300HP ? Thanks Gilbert
  2. Hi folks, I am contemplating putting an offer on a brand new 2006 268 SC which has a Merc 350MAG BIII (300HP); it is the smallest motor available with this model and am worried it might be slightly underpowered; will it be sluggish to get on plane the minute you have a few extra bodies on board ? I've often heard that if you don't have enough HP, the motor is always working hard and consumes more gas .... in other words better to have more HP than not enough? I love the design & layout of the Montery 268SC but really hesitating on the 300HP. Any thoughts ...... would be greatly appreciated !
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