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  1. I'm pretty new to the forum here. Looks like a great site. Issue at hand: I have 2001 Monterey 190 LS Montura with the Volvo/Penta 4.3 GL. I bought it last summer with 80 hours on it and love the boat. My issue is that every time I turn the engine off, it is difficult to re-start. Almost to the point that I can kill a battery before it starts. I had the engine tuned up last fall and that didn't improve the starting, if anything it is worse. The engine runs and idles fine once it does fire. I'm thinking it has got to be a carb or choke issue. So before I dump untold fortunes into getting the carb tuned, my question is: are there any fuel injection kits available for these engines? I know the 4.3's are available with injection on newer boats, but I haven't seen a kit you can retrofit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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