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  1. There are a few sites that sell this unit, I attached only one. http://www.mobileonesales.com/ProductDetai...storysingle=YES
  2. I have a 2005 282 which is the same boat. Mine has two Volvo 5.0GLE gas engines and love the boat. HP 220 each and moves well. Very stable and feels like a heavy well ballanced boat. I use mine soly in the ocean and docked in a slip in a harbor in California. I do use a Nutrasalt system to help last a little longer. I guess I could just say love the boat!
  3. Update: Needed to adjust the electric choke and the choke idle. Not perfect but much better when cold. When warm all runs good.
  4. Thanks for the note. The first thing I did today is place a gas additiive to make sure there is no water in that tank, pretty new boat but I use all marine gas. I will push up the idle just a bit also to see how that helps. Hopefully between cleaning up the gas if in fact it needs it, and the idle hopefully that will help. I do notice after warm up, the one engine is ideling flat, the other with the stall problem (only after backing out for the first time) does have a slight pulse in the idle, so thats one reason I put the gas additive. Thanks again!
  5. My Monertery 2005 282 Carburetor Starboard Volvo 5.0 GL-E has been stalling only after warm up and backing out of slip. After running for a time, no problem at all. Warm up about 15 Min and still stalls when putting into reverse slow or fast. The dealer said just needs to be warm, however Port engine is fine. I live in California, wondering if Carb running lean because of requirements in California and is there an adjustment to bring in a bit less lean on that engine.
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