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  1. Hey Knight Moves, I am having trouble finding where I can connect the ground wire. Can you please describe where you connected yours? Thanks
  2. Secret agent, Nice Flag! I will look for you out on Lake Saint Clair.
  3. Hi Jeffandal, I will be looking at that area too. Seems like where they would like you to mount it but does seem kind of low. I am really curious about the wiring to tell you the truth. Since I don't have my Boat yet and do not have the manual for it I am not sure how easy it is to tap into the power supply. Also curious if you can tap into the exisiting depth finder rather then having to install a 2nd one to use with the GPS system.
  4. Secret Agent, Forgot to say..... New boat and new to boating.....looking for peeps like yourself to help me out. Thanks
  5. Hey Secret Agent, I am on the LSCN forums too. It is a great board.
  6. Thanks for the photos.
  7. Any chance I can have the 2008 Monterey 270 CR manual uploaded? I have one on order and would like to see the manual before I get it.
  8. Hey Knight Moves, Any chance you could post a picture of your installed 3206? Any helpful tips with the wiring?
  9. The 214FSC is a nice ride. We also bought our boat from Lakecrest and are waiting eagerly for it to come in (Some time in May). We have a well at Jeffereson beach, maybe we will see you out on the lake.
  10. With the 535 did you have to hard wire the power since it does not have a battery?
  11. Hi Great Lake boaters! I have a 2008 Monterey 270 CR coming in May. I will be boating in Lake Saint Clair mostly. Any others fellow Monterey owners in the area?
  12. Looking to buy a GPS Chartplotter for my 2008 Monterey 270 cr. Will be used on the Great Lakes (Lake Saint Clair mostly). Any advice on which one?
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