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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys. I've heard that the right prop can really make a big difference, so that's probably the solution...and I think you're right, that boat won't disappoint. R
  2. Hey all! We're putting together an order for a 204FS, but we're a bit hung up on the engine choice. We'll be using it a lot for water sports, mainly tubing/wakeboarding, but also including some slolam skiing. I've been dragged by a 90hp for years, so I'm sure whatever we put in the 204 is sure to be just fine, but I'm interested to hear from those who have experieince behind the 204. While we could bump up to the 5.0s, I'm wondering if the 225 Volvo propped with a 4-blade would be a good alternative. Any thoughts here? Thanks for any input! RH
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