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  1. I have a broken cartridge for the water fixture in the galley of my 2000, 262CR. Where can I get this cartridge? What Is the brand of the water fixture in the model year? Help
  2. I am looking at a 2004 302 CR with twin 5.0 Volvo Gxi DP Drive. What is you opinion of this boat and the 5.0 motor? What kind of gas mileage can I expect etc. What kind of top end speed can I expect. Is this enough power for this size boat. The boat is loaded with trailer for 65,000. Thank you for any advise
  3. This white tube in the photos for lack of better description is leaking at the seam in the center. What is it for and where can I get a part like this? The Hot water heater is a Atwood 6 gal. Model EHM6-SM, serial #93891701084. I have looked for parts for the water heater but they show nothing for parts on the exterior like this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. I have a 2000 Monterery 262 Cr with 5.7 Mercruser. I just recently reconized that the tach was over revving. The more I watched and listened I relized that the tach showed that it was over revving BUT the engine was not really over revving therefore it appears that it is a problem with the tach and NOT the motor. My 1st thought is that it may be a ground wire. Do I look under the dash 1st at the wiring or is there a connection to the motor. My major question here is where do I look on the motor for the connection???? I also relize that it could be a bad tachometer. Any help is appreciated.
  5. I have a 2000 262 Monterery Cruiser. I am in need of a center cushion vinyl cover that makes up the bed. This is the vinyl cover (cushion) that is on the starboard side when making up the bed in the galley. The color is tone is Tan. Can I purchase a new cover or can you give me the fabric manufacturer or mill and the color? If I can buy one what is the part number and price? The hull number is RGFY0616L900. Help
  6. I have a 2000 - 262 cruiser with the same motor except it is not fuel injected. In have had a simular problem except it took many hours before the back of the boat gets black under the swim platform from the engine exhaust. I noticed that I was burning 1 quart of oil in 100 miles or about 8 hours. I pulled the spark plugs to look at how they were burning. I found that 2 plugs were so fouled that 1 of the 2 plugs I could not even see through the gap in the plug, the other was bad but not as bad. This went on for 2 years, each year the mechanic replaced the intake gasket and plugs. The boat run good for most of each season but by the end of the season the same condition was back again. After 2 years and 2 intake gasket replacements they finally dug deeper. Now this year they have removed the head on one side and found that 2 valves were not sealing so they did a valve job on one side of the motor. I expect this to work and so far no black engine exhaust and I did pull the 2 plugs and they look good. hope this helps. Captain Sapphire
  7. Can you just buy single letters???
  8. Does anyone know if or where I can get replacement letters "Monterey" the bubble letter on the side of the boat?
  9. I found the problem. There is really nothing wrong as I suspected. I had Marine Max Dealer come out and he could not find anything so with a few phone calls they suggested that we unplug the wiring to the ignition system on the motor and look for crosion. there was no crosion but when we pluged them back in there was no longer an intermittent alarm going off.
  10. I found my problem. I took the tack out and found that one of the studs attached to the back of the Tach was loose. I tightened it and now it works fine.
  11. Oh, if I unplug the temp sensor the alarm does not go off. Therefore this is why I have replaced all the thing that would relate to the temperature zone. The outdrive fluid is full.
  12. I have replaced the impellar and the thermostate. The temp gauge still only read 175 deg Ferenheit at the highest temp. I have noticed that the riser on the starboard side is approx 20 deg Ferenheit hotter the the port side but still no higher temp than 75 deg on the temp gauge. I pulled the riser on the starboard side to see if it was pluged. I flushed the sand out of the block also. I also replaced the temp sensor. When I pulled off the hoses on the seawater pump there was very good incoming water flow from the lake. After all this, Still the alarm goes off for a short time when I am pushing the boat at about 3100 RPMS. It als goes off when I come down quickly off of plane. Help
  13. My Tachometer is all of a sudden not accurate. The engine RPM is running fine, however i notice that the tach is inacurte, the needle kind of floats up higher than the motor RPM is acturally running. Is this a bad Tach or is there a ground wire that could be causing this. This tach is in a 2002 Monerey 262 with a 5.7 Motor Mercruiser. The tach is a Faria Tach w/Hourmeter, Help
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