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  1. Hi Jerome, I have had my 400SY since April. It is a great boat! In ideal conditions I can cruise at 200rpm below the maximum, at about 3400rpm. Depending on fuel, water and other load factors, the maximum cruise speed is 35-37mph. Top speed is about 41-42mph, again dependent on load and weather conditions. This past week I cruised 5 hours to my destination in bad weather, and returned in 3 hours in good weather. I used approximately 5/8 of total fuel capacity for the whole trip. I hope you enjoy your new boat. The IPS drive is amazing, though I do recommend that you follow all of Volvo's recommended maintenance activities. Regards, Joe Davis Virginia, USA
  2. Hi Yastreb, I caught that incident on the news, and wondered if that was your boat. I can't imagine how you felt. It is very cool that Monterey is building you a new boat, even though it wasn't their fault. That says alot. They really stand behind their boats. We have put about 20 hours on our boat so far (in the first 5 weeks), and would have been out more except that the weather here hasn't been that great. What can I say, we love it. Take care, Joe
  3. We have about 20 hours on ours now. Nothing but great things to say about the boat, and about the support team that stands behind it.
  4. Hi All, Thanks for the replies! We took delivery of our new boat on April 10. It was a pretty big deal, we met Mitch from Monterey who had flown up from FL, Dave from Volvo who had come down from MD, and Bill, Dave and Mark from Family Boating, at the Marina late that morning. Then we spent the next two days going over all the ins and outs of the boat, which included several trials and many hours of learning time. There were some issues, which you would expect from the 3rd one ever built, but everything has been resolved and so far we are very happy !!! We have taken it out 4 times since then, and plan to take it out again twice this weekend. The IPS drive is amazing. Our slip at the Marina is actually too small for a 41' boat but with the IPS I can nudge it in there without any problems. I'm waiting for the Marina to get really crowded, then I'm going to walk it sideways down the length of the pier and manuever it backwards into the slip. That will be fun. Solace, are you at Hope Springs? If so, please stop by to say hello, we are in C24. Yastreb, I take it you are now a happy camper? Let's please keep in touch to share information about our boats. Ronnie, indeed we might see you at Tim's II, or other places along the Potomac. Are you also at Hope Springs? If so, please stop by to say hello. We would very much like to energize this website, to get other owners communicating and organizing trips and get togethers. We are willing to travel to meet other owners, and would very much like to arrange some trips, to the Keys, the Bahamas and other places. Take care everyone, and happy boating! Cheers, Joe
  5. We bought it from dealer stock, just happened to be driving by one day and decided to stop in. I believe it might be the only one on the US east coast though, and that we might be the first owners of this boat, which is new for 2008. I don't have pix, but if you go to montereyboats.com, select the North American site, then click on Cruisers and Sports Yachts, then click on the 400SY you'll see it. I think the pix might actually be of our boat. We are very excited, we take delivery in a couple of days. Hope you don't have to wait too much longer. Cheers.
  6. Hi Everyone, My wife and I take delivery of our 2008 400SY this coming week. Just saying hello to everyone at this point. Needless to say we are very excited, and hope that we can get together with other owners in VA and surrounding areas for group outings and great fun. Cheers, Joe & Debbie Hope Springs Marina Stafford, VA
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