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  1. Thanks for your input Ray. It is great to hear that it has worked for you. I have been reluctant to mount the transducer to the hull and find out that it will lose bottom at speed. That is after all one of the primary reasons for the unit. Is it possible to see a photo of the location used for your transducer? If so it would be fun to see how the wiring was routed back into the boat. That plug/connector will require a fairly large hole.....and that makes me nervous. Thanks again. Ed
  2. I have just bought a Garmin 540S GPS/Sounder. It came with a transom mount transducer. The dealer told me and the Garmin instructions confirm that the transducer can be used as a shoot through the hull mount. This is done by using epoxy to attach the transducer to the bottom but the location is important. My question is, has anyone had good luck mounting a transducer in such a method? If not, then the second question is about how well the transducer will work mounted on the transon? I have heard for years that I/O boats have to much turbulance at the stern for a transducer to work well. Any help would be great. Safe boating. Ed
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