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  1. Hi Richard We have just purchased our first boat a 95' 256 with the 5.8 volvo duo prop. Saw that you have a similar boat. Sure like to chat with you sometime.


  2. Maybe someone with the same model can tell me what theyre capacity sticker indicates? Thanks Richard.
  3. Hello "MOST", long time no talk to! I am in the process of using my boat as an operatinal facility in the coast guard auxilary here in Maryland,but first it has to pass an inpection.In order for the boat to pass I need a capacity sticker.my boat is a 1996 256 Sport cruiser with a 5.8 ltr volvo duo prop.I asked you that question about a year ago,and you directed me to contact so & so,And I did,.NO RESPONSE.Can you help me again.Thanks Richard.
  4. We also had a 19' cuddy for 18 years,then we moved up to a "96" Monterey 256 Sport cruiser.WE love that boat,I baught it used about 4 years ago,My wife and kids named it Mistress,because I am obsess with it and allways on it.We boat on the Chesapeak bay Maryland area.Welcome aboard to monterey! Richard.
  5. Thank you "MOST",I will look again for it when i service my U-Joints. Do you know where I might be able to find a detailed schematic ,I dont think Volvo likes to give out much information when it comes to parts.(I hope I am wrong about that)Thanks again Richard,
  6. I have a volvo 5.8 L with DUOProp on my 1996 256 sport cruiser.I've read in the manuel that there is 3 sacraficial anoides .Two on the outside {I found and replaced} AND THE OTHER inside the exhaust port where the props come out. I have looked in the small manuel that came with the boat,and also the MASTER manuel from volvo and it does not show it anywhere,I even looked at some drawings on the net.DOES ANYONE KNOW IF IT EXIST? Thanks in advance,RICHARD
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