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  1. Hi all, After searching the internet for the last week for Monterey boat information (of which, compared to higher profile companies, there is little), I was pleased to come acrossed this board. My name is Justin and I'm 23 years old living in Mass... and looking to buy my first boat! My family boated for several years in 2 different Bayliners, so I started my search there. I am somewhat limited on funds (I know, why am I taking up boating then!?) and Bayliner had a few different cruisers in my price range. Then my father informed me that his company had just recently become a Monterey dealer and I should check them out... needless to say I'm now leaning towards the Monterey 250CR over the 245 or 265 Bayliners. Has anyone here been out on a 250CR? Even seen it for that matter? Right now the only dealer in my area doesn't have any cruisers in stock yet. My fiance and I are looking for a smallish boat that we can handle by ourselves but still have friends on for day trips or spend nights on without feeling too cramped. Would this fit the bill? How does it stack up? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Justin
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