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  1. Rip, It's a Volvo 5.7L GXi-E. Anything you can do to help, thanks. Dan
  2. Hi All, Does anybody know where to get the engine performance data for my 2003 Monterey 245 CR? I know it's probably going to be off since she's over a decade old but I'm curious. Thanks, Dan
  3. This is great Peter, I need to hop on my boat and look at my anchor hatch to see how much room I have. I'm hoping its very similar to yours. I'm up in Boston (shrink wrapped) so I'll try to get on in the next few days. I'll come back to you real soon. Thanks again.
  4. Peter, Thanks a lot for the response. If you could send pics that would be great. If it's too big of a pain I understand, but I'd love to see how you did it.... Greatly appreciated it. Thanks again, Dan
  5. Hello, I'm looking to see if anybody has a recommendation for a windlass for a 2003 245CR... If anybody has a specific brand and model, or just a type, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  6. Hello, Does anybody know the make or model of the cockpit light unit showed here? I need a whole new one. Thanks!
  7. Can you visibly see the door hitting or scraping anything on the way back? Also, I was told to use vaseline as a lubricant. You'll have to apply it more often, and it won't work as good as WD-40/silicon spray, but if you touch it, or rub your clothes up against it, or a child touches it, it won't show black and won't be harmful. Just a thought.
  8. Hello, I am looking to replace my tachometer w/hour meter on my '03 245CR. I sent it back to Faria to repair, they shipped it back and of course I cannot find it. Would anybody be able to tell me the Model number on the tachometer w/hour meter? Your help is appreciated. Thank you! Dan
  9. I apologize... 2003 Monterey 245CR
  10. Hello All, Does anybody (probably M.O.S.T.) know the make and model of the port hole window cover shown in my attachment? The port hole is fine but I need a new window cover. If not, does anybody know where to get one from? Thank you!
  11. Hello All, Happy boating to all... I was wondering if Monterey sold an optional cushion for my 2003 245CR that can attach to the table mount on the engine hatch... My thought would be, push the captains seat all the way forward, use the attache the optional cushion and there could be an outdoor laying area on the boat. I've seen it on other boats, I'm just not sure if it's available for my boat. Thanks for your help!
  12. Does anybody know how I can get a new sliding cabin door lock for my '03 245CR? A model and/or part number would be helpful too. Thank you, Dan
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