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  1. I'd like to place an "in hull" tranciever for a GPS/Fishfinder on my 298 SC. (I don't want a transom mount and I really want to avoid a thru-hull) Does anyone know of the optimum location for this --- or are there any areas I should totally avoid. Thanks for any help you can supply.
  2. Hello All Just bought a 298SC and would like to know if anyone has advice on VHF Antennas. As a backup I do have a handheld but I also want to mount a VHF and tie it into the GPS I'm looking for advice on.... 1) optimum spot to mount the VHF Antenna? 2) How long of an antenna others are using? 3) If there are any streamlined designs.. Etc..? With the sleek look of the boat I dont want a big clunker sticking up in the air in spite of the better radio performance. (Never going to be out that far) Also with the speed I'd be afraid an 7-8' would be swinging all over the place. If any of you have advice along with pics it would be appreciated. Thanks
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