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  1. Hi Most. Recently completed my USCG license tests and some of my boating time is from my 2006 302. I'm submitting this time in my application but need to know the gross tonnage of the boat. Anyone know? Thanks
  2. Hi all and most. Planning a Bahamas trip with my 2006 302 and looking for more accurate fuel usage numbers for trip planning. I have twin Volvo 5.7 Osi's with XDP drives. Anyone have numbers with the 5.7's? I'm guessing between 15gph and 20gph total at cruise 3000 to 3200rpm. Thanks
  3. 2006 302. "The Revenge"
  4. Time to change the ice maker in the cockpit. Not the whole unit, just the part that makes ice. Do you have to remove the entire unit to access the wires to it? Can the wiring be found in the engine compartment forward of the batteries? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the tips. I removed the forward wall in the aft cabin and had access to the whole sha-bang. Wired it up same as from factory. Thanks again.
  6. Hanging out on my 302 last week when the forward bilge pump came on. The shower sump was full and poured some water in the forward bilge. The shower pump was hot and the breaker in the engine room tripped. I left it off. Bought a new shower sump pump today. What is the best way to get at the wires running from the sump pump to change this thing. The hole I'm working in is very small. It's where the waist basket is under the top step. I can't tell where the wires run to. I'm not real keen on just snipping them at the pump. Thanks in advance. 2006 302.
  7. Hey there. I would like to install a couple things on my 302. First a angled flag pole receptacle on top of the radar arch. Will the material on top of the arch support this without ripping through the fiberglass. Next a rod holder on either side of the gunnel. I'd like to drill a hole and drop a flush mount rod holder in. Probably right above the portable cooler area and one on the opposite side of the cockpit. On the swim platform on the rear corners I'd like to install pop up cleats for temporary or calm water tie-downs so the lines when criss crossed off the back of the boat aren't in everyones way getting off and on the boat. Any tips would help thanks.
  8. Fixed! It was the circuit board at the ac, they overnighted the part. Thanks
  9. We have a 2006 302. The AC has worked flawlessly. This weekend the ac panel would not respond when trying to turn the air on, it was like the panel was dead. I slid the panel out and disconnected and reconnected the single line into the panel. Next the panel worked and came on like normal. However it shows the ac and fan working (in the cold mode) but the fan is not running and will not come on in either fan or ac mode. The compressor is working fine. No fan to blow the air though. I'd like to fix this on my own. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone think replacing the control panel might fix it? The fan rotates and spins freely. Is there another switch that might be the problem? Thanks. We have the passport I/O type control panel.
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