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  1. I contacted Monterey parts directly for my 2001 262 cruiser. I’d suggest checking directly with them. here’s the info I received: Carissa 352-528-2628 Fiberglass color info provided by Monterey parts 3/20/18: Spectrum is manufacturer. Spectrumcolor.com 800 754-5516 2000-2015 – all Monterey boats used same color: Pearl White Color code: 18001
  2. Hi. We have a 2001 Monterey 262. The back hatch open vertically to expose a fiberglass handle that we use to aid us in climbing up the ladder from the water that’s located on the outer board. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, we have a 2001 Monterey 262 and have replaced parts of our frame and full canvas from Great Lakes Boat Top Company. They are the original manufacturers of the canvas and frame: They are having a 20% off CANVAS ONLY PRODUCTS through 3/16. https://greatlakesboattop.com/
  4. The original manufacturer for our Monterey 2001 262 was Great Lakes Boat top Co. Here is their link: https://greatlakesboattop.com/. Make sure you ask about their winter sale which is usually 25% off.
  5. Hi, we have a 2001 262CR. Our charger now doesn't appear to be working as well. 'Stuck' on 20 volts. Batteries are new. checked alternator - good. Batteries charge after running boat. Need to check fuse in charger; however, more than likely charger needs to be replaced. Here is a pic of our charger. Our charger is located as follows: Pull handle to engine room open. Charger is located under floor where pull handle is located when shut. Note: if you have a similar made charger, we found out that C-Charger is no longer manufacturing them since 2016. Hope this helps.
  6. Contact www.greatlakesboattop.oom
  7. I've spent 'fortunes'using local canvas shops. I highly recommend Grat Lakes BoSt Top Co in TN They have templates for most noats we have 2001 262 Cruiser and replaced all canvases and sre very happy!
  8. Check out Great Lakes Boat Top Company in TN. Either call or website. Saves $$ over local canvas companies. http://www.greatlakesboattop.com/ They have periodic sales of 15-25% off.
  9. We're having shifting problems -- gear gets 'stuck' in neutral when starting. Mechanic at marina hit the gear control with a mallet and sprayed inside control with CR6 (or something like that). It got it working; but it happened again just as we were docking -- right now it's not working -- and we're not too keen on using the mallet and spray again! A mechanic at a volvo penta approved shop asked (via phone call) what control we have in our boat -- we know it's a side control with power trim and safety shut off (looks almost like attached; however ours is white). He said to contact Monterey who should have details of boat's specs. Thanks! monterey_control.doc
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