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  1. I am trying to reserach my options for an auto-pilot for my 2005 270CR Hull Number - RGFCC281G405. I believe my boat has cable steering. Right now I am far from my boat and wonder if there are records that would indicate whether the boat was supplied with rotary or rack and pinion steering. Any information on who made the helm would be appreciated. Thanks, Russ
  2. I have the same tach floating up too high problem. I tap on the face and it goes back down. I have seen this before on another boat I owned. I'll check conections for tightness, but I am not too optomistic that is where the problem is. Russ - 2005 270CR
  3. I am happy to report my problem has been solved. At the end of last season I changed the oil as part of the winterization proceedure. I aspirated all the oil I could get from the sump and then added the quantity recommended in the owner's manual for an oil and oil filter change. Unfortunately for me, I did not carefully check the level in the sump. As part of the list of items to check when one has top end problems I checked the sump level and found in too high. I kept removing oil until the dip stick showed the level at the full mark. Turns out I had to removed over a quart of oil. Apparantly the too high level interfered with the free turning of the crankshaft and my engine's full power. With the level on the mark and the bottom cleaned I was again at 43.4 GPS MPH at 4300 RPM's. I'm a happy camper now! Russ
  4. Hi Marfi, Thanks for your reply and your English is so good! First I will answer you questions and then add what little additional information I have. The fuel tank was full. The water tank was full. The waste tank was empty. I had two 120 lb guests on the sun pad on the bow. One 150 lb passenger near the stern. The trim tabs are fine and I have working trim tab position indication. I was in a lake with no significant current. All filters are new and oil is new. "candles" I suspect we call spark plugs. They are new. I have purchased instrumentation to monitor the fuel pressure, engine vacuum, and timing. The advanced timing light has not yet arrived so I am waiting for that before trying again. I found the oil about 3/4 quart too much, so I removed and will be at the full mark next try. Fuel pressure at idle was exactly as specified in the shop manual and increased to 59psi when vacuum line to the regulator was removed. The bottom is now cleaned. I verified the spark plug wires are to the correct plugs. I'll remember to post the results of my next attempt and what the instruments have to say. Thanks, Russ
  5. I am soliciting opinions and knowledge and experience. My background is electrical engineering and I have boated many years in small craft. My boat is stock as far as I know, but I am the second owner. Here is some information about the boat. Hull Number - RGFCC281G405 Engine – Volvo 5.7 GXi S/N 4012132996 Outdrive: VolvoPenta DP DuoProp P/N 3868913 Type DP-SM Ratio 1.95 S/N 4202116556 Info from props: Volvo Penta Duo-Prop Rear prop says – F5REAR 3851475 4E Front prop says – F5FRONT 3851465 4E props are in excellent condition There are roughly 350 hours on the engine. My normal use is off plane at a sedate 7 or 8 mph. I did give it a full throttle run when I was doing the test drive. Then later again when I had my GPS and was able to coax a maximum speed of 42 mph with which I was very satisfied and probably would have no need to repeat. Well, this past weekend I had three other folks and myself and decided to get up on plane and get to where we were going more quickly. Much to my embarassment I could not get on plane. I tried every arrangment of trimming I could think of and she jsut stayed pointed up in the air with the rpms sitting at about 2800 to 2900. I bet I kept at it for 10 minutes with no joy. I was not a happy boater. I took it back out the next day alone and was eventually able to get on plane. It only seemed to finally get there when I put the trim tabs fully up and had the outdirve trimmed fully down. With the throttle wide open the best I could ever get on a perfectly calm lake was 33mph at almost 4000 rpms. So I set to work to see if I could improve things and figure anything out. I installed a new fuel filter and tried that. No change. I installed new spark plugs and tried that. Again no change. I did a compression test and all cylindars where equal and 210 psi on my gauge. I unplugeed the connector to each fuel injector one by one and listened for and felt for a miss, and every cylindar did miss when the fuel was cut off at idle. The wires look like newz and an induction timing light gets a good flash from each wire. The boat starts very easily and seems to idel and run without a missfire. The bottom is not perfectly clean but I am not sure how significant that might be. It has been in a relativiely clean lake only 4 weeks since the bottom was clean. There is no bottom paint, just the white gel coat. When I pull back to a cruising speed the boat seems happiest at about 3100 rpm and that gets me along at about 23mph with the trim tabs down to keep the bow from bouncing. So, where did all the speed go from 40+mph to 30+ mph? I don't need to go 42mph, but I sure need to be able to get on plane. It seems to take forever to get on plane now, so I timed it from full throttle application to 3600 rpm and that took about 55 seconds. Please ask me any questions that might help you point me in the right direction. Email is russwhite @ earthlink.net with the two spaces removed. Thanks, Russ
  6. Andy, Thanks for posting to this topic. I enjoyed seeing that someone has actually added a bow thruster to a 270CR. I have not made the addition yet. I thought I had a company interested in coming to my area and doing the job, but it hasn't worked out yet. I enoyed the pictures and might ask for some more detail at a later date. Since I feel "pleasure boating" is for having fun, anything that makes the boating less stressful is a good thing. Hope you enjoy your increased control and I am sure you will enjoy your boat more now. Keep us posted if there are any changes or things you would have done differently. Russ
  7. My cruising will be mostly alone and I am considering the addition of a bow thruster. I did find a 270CR advertised for sale that listed it as having a bow thruster, so now I am convinced it can be done. I would be interested in hearing from any members that might already have a bow thruster installed on their cruiser. Pros, cons, tips, pictures, etc. all greatly appreciated. Thanks, Russ russwhite@earthlink.net
  8. Mike, The boat is a 2005 and DWE described the seating situation in an earlier reply. There is no vertical adjustment, just the ability to slide it back and forth. I have thoroughly enjoyed the different ideas for getting some extra height. I usually boat alone so I will probably try to raising the seat rails approach and sacrifice the use of the rear portion at the table. That will still leave serveral seating positions available. Looks like I am not the only one looking for a booster seat Thanks to each of you that replied. Russ
  9. I'm of average height ( almost 6' ) but find I cannot comfortably see when seated in my 270CR. Standing up is great, so that is what I do. But, for a long cruise that is going to get tiring. Leaning back against the bolster in the folder up position helps, but I really would like some support up higher. Has anyone else encountered this situation and come up with a solution? Thanks, Russ
  10. Russ


    Hi Eric, I think ( could be wrong ) that each dealer makes their own arrangements for trailers. When I purchased my 2005 270CR from its PO there was no trailer. I did some research and had a trailer delivered from these guys : http://www.nextrailofamerica.com/ I have been very pleased with the trailer and it tows straight and easy. I had to move the bunks and found them well made. Just removed the through bolts, drilled new holes in the bunks, and put the bolts back in. My local dealer would have been happy to get me a trailer but I found his quoted price just too high. Regards, Russ
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