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  1. I am needing to replace the fresh water holding tank in my 2004 268SS. Just looking at it, not sure how it would come out without taking parts off the engine. Has anyone had to do this or is there a bladder that I can put in the cracked tank? Thank you
  2. Trying to replace some of the upholstery on my 04 268SS and am having issues locating the basket weave looking upholstery that is on the face of the seat. Has anyone been able to locate where Monterey got that from or have you found a replacement. Trying to not behave to replace all the seats....
  3. Are they acrylic? I had to replace the car console doors on my 268SS and I bought the acrylic from boat outfitters (www.boatoutfitters.com) and ordered the seafoam plexiglass acrylic sheet. I had the dimensions from a Montery Spec drawing and they sent me a rough cut out. If you have a Regal Plastics in your area they will cut it very cheap. My 2 doors were $40 to cut and they are odd shapes. If not it will cut with a table saw and a fine tooth blade... Hope this helps...
  4. I am looking for a new dash panel for my 2004 Montery 268SS. I can get the part from Monterey, but it comes with all new guages. I don't need guages mine are working fine. Any suggestions on where to get just the panel?
  5. I just purchased a Montery boat and it was 15 degrees on the water when I did my sea trial. I would never purchase a boat w/o a seat trial unless your getting a warranty. If I ended up not buying the boat I would have had to pay to re-winterize the boat, but its absolutley worth the risk. Re-winterization is cheaper than a new engine. At a minimum buy a compression test kit ($30) and test the compression your self. Check with the dealer what is should be and all cylinders should be very close...... My opinion, hope it goes well...
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