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  1. Hi, Anyone know the gelcoat numbers for 1993 Monterey 286 SEL (white and green). I need to patch small nicks and dings. My hull number is RGFJ0209K293 if that is helpful. Where could I purchase it? Thanks.
  2. Hi, The cabin door lock mechanism is missing off the cabin entry bifold door to my 1993 Monterey 286 SEL. Anyone got one for sale or anyone able to direct me to where I can get a replacement. No Monterey dealers here in Newfoundland, Canada. Thanks.
  3. I went ahead and bought the Monterey 286. Hopefully the non-counter rotating props won't be too much of an issue. If it is I will buy an opposite rotation outdrive for the port side. I understand Mercruiser makes them and also an aftermarket company makes them.
  4. Thanks Kellyja for the welcome and the informative response. I appreciate!
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I am thinking of buying a 1993 Monterey 2876 that has two 4.3L engines with Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II outdrives. Both props rotate in the same standard direction. I have done some google research about having a twin engine boat without counter rotating props and have found negative things about it like too much torque steer, poor handling especially at slow speeds, poor reverse handling, excessive fuel burn, port list, etc. Just wondering if this is over exaggerated or very real issues that are enough for me to not purchase the boat. Also I would appreciate any other info about this particular model of boat (good or bad) that would aid me in making my decision. Also I have a Ford F-150 4wd pickup with a 5.4L engine and am wondering if this boat is too heavy for this vehicle to tow. It is on a triple axle trailer with brakes. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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