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  1. Hello, I have a new, used... 1997 276, 7.4 ,bravo 3 with air conditioning and shore power. I love it!! I have never had a boat with shore power before as my old 78 Reinelle was a bare boned cruiser. My question is, How can you run the interior boat lights with the shore power on? The manual I found on line stated the shore power runs the microwave, air conditioning hot water heater etc and the DC power runs the interior and exterior lighting. OK. The previous owner told me to never have the shore power master switch and the DC power master switch ON at the same time?? So does this mean I can't use the shore power to power my interior lights when I am docked at night? Do you just run them off the second battery till they run out then turn them to turn on the shore power to charge the batteries? Second, Do you leave your shore power on all the time to charge the batteries when you are not at the marina? Any info you could give on properly using shore power would be appreciated. Thanks for you help. Scott
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