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  1. And another one from the very southeast of Sweden - our first Poker Run in Karlskrona archipelago
  2. I have a 2014 214/218 Supersport with a VP 5.0L (270hp) today. Will it be possible (room for it) to change it for a larger engine such as 496 or 502, or the 8.1/8.2L from Volvo? Or would a 350 och 377 be max to fit "under the hood"?
  3. And another one from an evening boating around with drones
  4. Early morning ride from home to work, one of the final trips before winter this season... Foggy, chilly, but fantastic start of the day
  5. here's another one, but only on my Monterey 214 Supersport
  6. Clipped together a new clip from various others from the past years...
  7. yes, thats right - it is created here in southeast of Sweden, in a naval town called Karlskrona
  8. In the video I posted we used a Dj Phantom, if I recall right
  9. And another one, featuring my Onyx/red 214 Supersport together with 3 other boats, having fun in the Swedish archipelago
  10. The port side graphic lines with the 214 logo, just under the windows are already damaged by sun... Where/how can I get hold of new ones? Or can I order a set o 2 for the 218 instead + the 218SS logo that I have over the swim platform somehow?
  11. I have a 214 Supersport from 2014 with the Volvopenta 270 and sx outdrive. In the bottom of the rpm meter i have a display showing selected values from the engine but all these are in US values. Can that be changed into european ones instead somehow?
  12. Not to steal your post, but here's another boating video partly from drone, and with my Onyx 214 Supersport playing a major part... Enjoy! Boating in Karlskrona 2018
  13. I got a 214 Supersport from 2014, with the VolvoPenta 270 and SX drive. Reaching 45.0 knots with standard aluminum prop the boat was delivered with. Not sure what rpm's I got with it on WOT. Got a small damage on that prop and changed for a 21" "standard" VP Stainless steel prop I easily could get hold of... Now (late season, I know but still) I get 43 knots at WOT 4500 rpm. Isn't that RPM a bit too low? What Stainless steel prop dimension should I go for? 3 blade or 4 blade? I think I get a bit higher speed at cruising and also better hole shot, but WOT seems low, but I'm not sure... Help out please!!!
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