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  1. A few weeks ago my tilt was stuck in the up position. A friend shook the lower unit and it started working. It has ok until yesaterday I parked it in my shop after returning from the water and I tryed to lower the unit and it was stuck again. I did add some fluid just before the first time and yesterday I took the top off of the resevoir and it had pressure on it.If anyone could help I would appreciate it. It would save a 100 mile trip to the dealer. Thanks!
  2. I have a 2007 Volvo Penta with 32 hours on it. Just time to time it will die usually at the boat dock when it is at idle. I know everyone will say take it to the dealer but I would like to have my boat this summer and not sit there all summer.The boat is Monterey 214 FS I love the boat if I just solve this problem. It will start back but when you put it in gear it will die unless you give more throttle than usual.It did this some last summer also. If anyone can help please respond.
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