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  1. Hi I have a 250CR 2007 that I bought from a private person. I have no prior experience of sailing and maintenance - so would be much appreciated if someone in this forum had a couple of pictures of the seacocks in a 250CR and a description on what to look for and how to maintain.. :-) Thanks a lot. Swolle
  2. Dear all, I have a 250 CR and I want to mount a flag holder on the transum (starboard side) just below the "250" mark.. I thought I could mount it directly below with some stainless steel srews.. however putting the holder dircetly below the "250" is not possible because on the back side this area is partly closed off.. Any suggestions..? Thanks for your support. BR Swolle (Denmark)
  3. Hi all, Is there someone that could share a tip or two on how to install a bov truster in a 250 CR? To have enough space it need to be installed below the carpetfloor in the cabin. The floor is however integrated and we probably need to do some "cutting"... Has somebody done this? and how have this been repaired afterwards? Thanks for any feedback :-). BR Swolle, (from Denmark)
  4. Thanks everybody :-). I'm new to this and I found it.. :-). Swolle
  5. All, Again I'm new to Boats and I bought mine (Monterey 250 CR from 2007) from a private owner.. (so not much instructions).. I'm now going to take my boat out of the water to have it stored for the winter. I noticed that after it has been taken out of the water I should remove the bilge drain plug immediately.. where do I find this "plug"? Thanks for your assistance :-). BR Swolle
  6. Dear all, I'm new to sailing and new to Monterey.. I just bought a Monterey 250 CR. The boat is from 2007 and has waste holding tank and a macerator.. Before I turn on the macerator - is there something I need to do in order to empty my waste holding tank in the sea (is legally allowed where I'm sailing). Thanks, BR Swolle
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