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  1. Does anyone know the thickness of the windshield and its border? I would like to buy a mirror but want to ensure the bracket is wide enough to fit over the windshield. I can't find the thickness of the windshield online anywhere and my boat is shrinkwrapped for the winter. thanks
  2. My old ski mirror mount bracket is too skinny for the thickness of the BlackFin windshield. Does anyone know of a bracket mount skit mirror that will fit the thicker windshield on the Monterey? thanks!
  3. Hi, I bought a 2014 217 BlackFin OB with a Wake Tower. I would like to put the new boat in my garage over the winter and need to either take the Wake Tower off, or hinge it forward. I am wondering if there are instructions on how to hinge the wake tower forward properly, I don't see anything in the manuals. Thanks
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