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  1. Hey all, I bought a 1997 Monterey 196 Montura with the Dino package last spring. It was meticulously maintained and for its age, still shows well and looks sharp. This last trip out with it, the voltage gauge started dancing around the low end of the gauge. I took it in and the mechanic checked the alternator output and is was right where it was supposed to be so he said my gauge was going bad. They want $140 for a guage and another hour labor $100 to install it. I would like an exact replacement if possible. I have checked out the Faria website and can get close, but not exact. Have also looked around on Amazon and Ebay and again, close matches but not exact. So 2 questions.....1. Anybody know where I can get an exact replacement? and 2. If not, can the existing glass bezel and gauge face be interchanged using the "guts" from a new gauge so my dash stays the same with matching gauges but I end up with a working gauge? Thanks! Bill
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