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  1. Hi, I am new to the forum since I just bought a 234FS. It is a 2008 and has a 5.0 Merc/Alpha/260 HP - 140 hrs. It has an aluminum prop - looks factory. I don't have dia/pitch in front of me but it seems to be an ok prop - stays within RPM range - with me and the wife, 1/2 tank of gas it seems to plane ok and runs upper 40's on GPS. I want to have a spare prop on the boat so I will likely go by a stainless and use it every day and keep aluminum for spare. I will be cruising and doing some skiing, tubing etc. I have read all kinds of posts on prop selection so I know there are tons out there. Does anyone have the same set up and have found a really great prop they would recommend? Thanks in advance
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