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  1. I have a 2014 Monterey 268SS. The stereo is on but there is no sound. Is there a fuse or circuit breaker somewhere. Any suggestions.
  2. I have a 2014 Monterey 268SS. I usually attach my iPhone to the aux input to play music off my phone. This has stopped working, no sound. The boat also has an amplifier. Is there a fuse or circuit that may be tripped causing this.
  3. I have a 2014 Monterey 268 SS. The fuel gauge worked fine the first couple of times this year. Went out today and the gauge did not work, would not move off of E.. Needle did not move at all when key was turned. Any ideas. The fuel gauge, temperature, voltage and oil pressure are all on the same gauge. Only the fuel gauge is not working.
  4. I took the boat out of storage and charged up the batteries. I have a 2014 Monterey 268ss. I hooked the batteries up and tried to start the boat. All I get is a clicking noise when I turn the key, the starter does not turn. All the gauges and everything else in the boat appears to be working. Any suggestions on what it might be or what I should check. Thanks I originally hooked the first battery up backwards. I did not try anything except the switch to lift engine compartment, and quickly realized it was wrong and fixed it. Motor is a 350 merc cruiser. Clicking noise is coming from the top of the engine.
  5. Bilge pump on my 2014 Monterey 268 SS is not working on manual or automatic. Boat only used in 2014, is it normal for a pump to only last that long. I have had numerous boats over the years and never had that problem. Both batteries were out of the boat for storage in the winter. Does the bilge have a separate direct wire that hooks to the battery that may not be connected? The light comes on the manual switch when I turn it on.
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