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  1. Bulb changed- lights fixed. Kinda like, the troubleshooting instructions when you buy a computer; if the computer doesn't turn on, check the power cord is plugged into the wall outlet... doh!
  2. Boating in lakes here in Central/Northern California I think I'm the only Monterey Boat I know of amongst all the other Bayliners, Master Crafts, Centurions, etc. I like my individuality. In fact, our family pulled ashore to a beach and had a guy say "Monterey, never heard of that boat before". I love it.
  3. I am a new proud owner of a 2002 180 Edge and noticed that the bow navigation lights do not function. Any suggestions on how to get them working would be greatly appreciated. Troubleshooting, tests, etc. The stern light functions no problem.
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